Cracking the code: Using assessments to give your team a performance advantage

By detailing individuals’ traits and motivations, assessments can equip teams to play to their strengths.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people came with a playbook? A way to understand their…

high performing team

Does your team check these boxes? 10 characteristics of high-performing teams

Understanding how your team stacks up against the best teams can help you target training accordingly.

A team working in sync is a beautiful thing. Work gets done. Problems get…

blog graphic temperaments

Understanding Temperaments

When you learn to recognize temperaments, you can become more cognizant of other people’s perspectives and communication styles.

Watch this brief video on temperaments to better leverage your own strengths,…

first impression

Creating a Positive Impression

No do-overs! Make the most of your one chance to make a positive first impression.

Did you know you are pre-programmed to think a certain way when you first meet…

centering questions

Leadership Tips with Mike Nally: Centering Questions

Tips, insight, and techniques for current and aspiring leaders to become extraordinary leaders at all levels of their organization.

Have you ever felt like a conversation was going nowhere? Watch…

Resiliency Matters

Resiliency matters (because nothing in life is perfect)

Resiliency: Your ability to be a good leader in an imperfect environment, not trying to create the perfect environment to be a good leader.

Resiliency is what keeps us on…


Leverage your leadership temperament: What famous leader do you identify with?

The answer may depend on the particular temperament you’re born with.

Your temperament is the combination of your mental, physical and emotional traits—your natural predisposition. Temperament governs how…


As a leader, how high are you setting the accountability bar?

The leader is the high bar of the group. Very few times is the team going to be more accountable than you.

If you expect good people to follow you…

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