Understanding filters is essential to effective communication and leadership

If your communication skills aren’t as effective as they need to be, or your leadership style isn’t getting the results you want, it’s time to adjust your filters.

“#NoFilter” may…

effective communication

Skills for effective leadership – Be a communication catalyst, Part 2

Your biggest communication challenge is to bridge the communication gap between the message that is sent and how it is received.

With the right techniques and preparation, you can overcome…

resiliency quotes

Leadership quotes about resilience

Inspiring quotes about resiliency and leadership from psychologists, authors, executives, activists, political leaders, and motivational speakers. 

Resiliency is being a good leader in an imperfect environment, not trying to create…


Skills for effective leadership – Be a communication catalyst, Part 1

Hone your communication skills to be a more effective leader. 

Effective communication is a big part of effective leadership. But we all know how easy it is for communications to…

communication approach

Insights from our CEO – Communication

Communication challenges are everywhere in every organization, every team, and every relationship.

The number one problem in every organization is always communication; the number two problem is too many…

build great team

Great leaders have the leadership skills to build great teams: How strategically are you building yours?

Being able to build a team with a mix of temperaments based on the problems you need to solve is a leadership skill worth mastering.

Different temperaments—Guardians, Artisans, Idealists, Rationals—tend…

temperaments communicate effectively

Know your audience, speak their language, and see your leadership effectiveness soar

Using knowledge of individual temperaments can help you troubleshoot issues, communicate more effectively, and ultimately lead more effectively.

Temperaments reflect the natural way someone is “wired”—their predisposition to think and…

leadership quote

Leadership quotes about communication

Inspiring leadership quotes from authors, educators, philosophers, composers, playwrights, motivational speakers, and political leaders.

Great leadership starts with the ability to connect and communicate effectively with different kinds of people.…

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