Why is having a digital twin of your facility such a good idea?

What if you could see, monitor, diagnose and optimize every part of your facility from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone? A digital twin makes that possible.

The technology and innovation…

Protect, optimize and increase ROI with BIM and CMMS for facility management

Facilities have always required hands-on attention to operate efficiently and steadily. But today, data-informed attention is just as critical.

Building systems keep growing smarter and more interconnected, which also makes…

Increase your leadership effectiveness by building emotional intelligence

Just as you can improve your knowledge and intellectual intelligence, you can also become more emotionally intelligent—and a stronger leader as a result.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a must-have if…

Top 10 Motivational Leadership Quotes

Leadership development is about being the best version of yourself. Nally Ventures takes pride in offering transformative personal and professional development insight using practical tools and teamwork. With the right…


IQ + EI = Effective Leadership

Just as important as intellectual ability and subject matter expertise, emotional intelligence (often abbreviated EI) is a distinguishing characteristic of effective leaders.

For many years, “hard skills” trumped “soft skills”…

Teacher leaders

Teachers lead the way: Shouldn’t we develop their leadership skills?

Teachers prepare our next generation of leaders. It’s essential that they be excellent leaders themselves.

Think of a great leader you’ve had in your life and career. Chances are, that…

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Top 10 Emotional Intelligence Quotes

Emotional intelligence is complex. It’s more than being aware of your emotions. It requires you to look outside of yourself and recognize people’s intentions, feelings, and behavior. Strong emotional intelligence…


Conflict resolution tactics to make work—and life—more productive

“If we manage conflict constructively, we harness its energy for creativity and development.”
– Kenneth Kaye, American psychologist


It’s easy to think of conflict as a negative…something you…

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